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Fishing for Good Read Aloud Storytime Books!

I recently held a special storytime that was so much fun I just had to share! Our theme for the night was “Catch a Good Book,” so that’s what we did; caught our books!  Before the event, I had set up a sheet hung between two tall tables and hid a volunteer behind it to help me out.  I also prepared a couple of fishing poles to catch the books with. I tyed yarn to the end of the poles and attached a clothespin to the other end of the yarn. 

Ribbit RabbitWhen the kiddos arrived we started to fish our first book of the night. I threw my line over the sheet and my volunteer attached the book and pulled on the line to let me know I had caught something. I pulled the first book in, but it wasn’t a fish book; it was a frog one! We began with one of my new favorite read alouds Ribbit Rabbit written by Candace Ryan and illustrated by Mike Lowery.  I really enjoy this one because it has repetitive words throughout the story that little ones like to repeat with you. PLUS it teaches a lesson about friends getting upset with each other and then making up at a level which is easy for everyone  to comprehend.

Pirate Treasure Hunt!After Ribbit Rabbit we went fishing again, but this time we ran into pirates! We went on to read the book Pirate Treasure Hunt! written by Jan Peck and illustrated by Adrian Tans.  This book is a great one to encourage involvement as it’s just like Going on a Bear Hunt so there are a bunch of repetitive sayings and fun action rhymes. (Can’t go over it, Can’t go under it….etc.) The kids enjoyed feeling like they were a part of the story (and not having to sit still). Plus I absolutely LOVE the ending to this one 🙂

874865For our third and final catch of the night we got really lucky and pulled up One Dog Canoe by Mary Casanova.  This book was a huge hit and another one of my new found favorites.  I’m a huge fan of this story and the author Mary Casanova, having met her at a library event earlier this year.  She is an amazing person and a huge inspiration to me. (One of the main reasons I’ve started writing for the pleasure of writing again!) This particular story tells the tale of a girl going down the river on a canoe with her dog, but suddenly all the animals along the shore want to join them!  All of the kids (and parents) I’ve read this to haven’t been able to keep a straight face during this story; it is just so funny and the pictures by Ard Hoyt are awesome too!

I set off one morning in my little red canoe. My dog wagged his tail. “Can I come, too?? “You bet,” I said. “A trip for two – just me and you”

~One Dog Canoe by Mary Casanova

After we were finished reading our stories, the kiddos got to catch their own books as their prize for the night.  They had so much fun casting their lines and catching books! Once they were all situated with their newly caught books we enjoyed a snack of Goldfish and Kool-Aid to keep with the fishing theme. 

I had such a great time putting on this program and wish I could make every storytime this extravagant. 

Does anyone have any favorite fishing books or know of any other great read alouds involving water creatures?

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