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Magical, Heartbreaking, but Wonderful: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Neil Gaiman
Adult Fiction
Rating 4

I shouldn’t have doubted that I would like something else by Gaiman. Stardust is so amazing, I don’t think anything else he has written can be bad (although I haven’t read anything else so don’t hold me to it!). Ocean at the End of the Lane wasn’t as spectacular as Stardust for me, probably because it took place in our world, but it was still an awesome read. It was creepy (not enough to give me nightmares though!) but with sentimentality and with passages I enjoyed reading over a couple times because they were written so well or just struck a chord with me.

I liked myths. They weren’t adult stories and they weren’t children’s stories. They were better than that. They just were.

The characters in this story are wonderful. The main character, a young boy, narrates for us and we see events unfold through his eyes, which at times is heartbreaking and at others insightful and uplifting. It was very interesting to view some very adult situations through a child’s viewpoint (though of course it was written by an adult, it’s still intriguing). There are also three great otherworldly ladies; the Hempstocks. A grandma, mom, and daughter who really, for me anyway, made the story…I loved them. They were mysterious and knowledgeable and the kind of people I would love to know.  Then there is this terrifying really creepy villain who scared the bejeezus out me.

As I said earlier, the story takes place in our world with the fantasy element being very blended into the real world. It’s hard to describe the plot without giving too much away…so I will just say it was magical… and a bit heartbreaking… yet still wonderful!

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