Review Policy and Rating Structure

I am currently accepting Young Adult, Junior, and Adult fiction books in select genres for review. Feel free to contact me at unlikelylibrarian89 (@) hotmail  (dot) com , I would love to review your work!

I am NOT accepting books in the following genres:

  • Short-stories
  • Westerns
  • Christian Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Graphic

I am NOT accepting audiobooks or eBooks.

If  a book is accepted for review, I will make every effort to read and review the book in a timely manner.  Reviews will be posted on this blog, GoodReads, and A “Book’s Received” post will also be added to this blog for all received books.

I do write honest and fair reviews, which may not always be favorable.  The reviews are based my opinions and if I do not enjoy the book, my review will reflect that. However, if I do not like the book and am unable to finish the book I will state why I did not finish and how far along I got.

Rating Scale:

5 – Amazing!

4 –  Good read, would recommend to others.

3 – OK, but could have been better.

2 – It was alright, but would probably not recommend.

1- Did not like and would not recommend.

  1. I’ll try to write a amazing book. Even my blog is dedicated to books! My blog-

    Have a amazing day,
    The Bookworm

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I’m sure you’ll be able to write an amazing book if you put your mind to it! I’m working on one too…in my spare time 🙂 I’ll be sure to check out your site.

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