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Fantasy, Time Travel, and Romance: The Angel Stone by Juliet Dark

The Angel Stone (Fairwick Chronicles, #3)

The Angel Stone (Fairwick Chronicles #3)
Juliet Dark
Adult Fantasy/Romance
Rating: 5

So I enjoy reading books based on the seasons and since it’s October and gloomy, it’s also my favorite time to read about witches, magic, and vampires. Which is why I was so ecstatic about receiving a copy of Juliet Dark’s The Angel Stone, the final book in the Fairwick trilogy, from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer’s program. (LibraryThing is amazing btw!)

Anywho, I loved The Angel Stone! It was super hard to do homework when all I wanted to do was keep reading it. So book two, The Water Witch, left us at a pretty rough spot and we pick up right where we left off.  It was very fast paced and humorous and …this story even had time travel (I love time travel!).

Callie, the main character, must find a way to save Fairwick and destroy the Nephilim that have taken control. I thought this was going to be a fairly predictable plot to be honest with you, and I was going to be okay with that, however…l was wrong. There were soo many twist and turns I was amazed…and it all made sense too! (At one point I got really excited and started explaining what was happening to my fiancé, who then asked why I wasn’t just reading it to him because it sounded so good 🙂 And I absolutely loved how everything was wrapped up in the end.

So yes, I do recommend this series, although I will admit, I never read the first book Demon Lover.  You don’t really have to read it to understand what is going on, but now I wish I would have…

Unique Historical Fiction: The Lonely Tree by Yael Politis

The Lonely Tree

The Lonely Tree
Yael Politis
Adult Historical Fiction
Rating: 4

OMGoodness I haven’t been on here in too LONG! Again, I will lay the blame on library school : ) However, I did just finish two great books, The Lonely Tree by Yael Politis and the last book in the Fairwick trilogy by Juliet Dark, The Angel Stone (“fun” reading keeps me sane! Therefore, I do make time for it!) .  I’ll give you a quick review of Politis’ book now and the promise of a review of the wonderful ending to a trilogy, The Angel Stone by the end of the week.

I received The Lonely Tree by Yael Politis from the publisher, Holland Park Press, and am extremely grateful. This was a very moving story told from a unique point of view. It takes place in Palestine and tells of the extreme hardships faced by people there between the years of 1934 and 1967.  Going into this story, I knew absolutely nothing about this period of time in Palestine, as I’ve always read about the main focus of the time period: Hitler, concentration camps, and Nazis. While this is briefly touched upon, it is certainly not the main focus.  I found learning about kibbutz, the British Mandate in Palestine, and the history of the time fascinating, however, it was also a bit confusing for me too at times.

While the reader learns a lot about history through this story, there is also a love story going on and some believable (if hard to read at times) family dynamics adding to the richness of the novel. The main character, Tonia, was lovable at times and at others I just wanted to go shout some sense into her…

So, if you are in the mood for something deep, unique, and thought provoking…you may want to give this a try!

Now I am off to work and I will talk to you lovely readers later!

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