The 4th (yes 4th!) Witch and Wizard Installment: The Kiss by James Patterson and Jill Dembowski

The Kiss (Witch & Wizard, #4)

The Kiss (Witch & Wizard #4)
James Patterson
Teen Fantasy
Rating 3.5

So I had no idea this series was continuing because the last book which came out, The Fire, seemed like the perfect ending.  My feelings are mixed on this one though.  Overall, I enjoyed reading the story and loved the different places described in this book; the Mountain, the Forest, and the mention of a desert. And of course the familiar characters Whit and Wisty are enjoyable.   However, what I enjoyed was also part of what bothered me. None of the places were ever mentioned in the previous novels (that I can remember) and made it a bit hard to believe they just all of the sudden appeared.  I think it may have been better to just start a whole new series with similar characters, because it was just a little hard to buy the whole completely new setting.

Thinking of the book as separate from the series though, makes the story much more enjoyable.  Corruption and unequal rights resurface as another power hungry leader tries to gain control of the city while another threat from the Mountain appears at the same time.  Children start disappearing again and it’s up to Whit and Wisty to help save the city from destruction, but this time a super handsome boy comes in the way splitting Whit and Wisty apart. Wisty can’t seem to get enough of her latest crush Heath, while Whit believes him to be the scum of the Earth, but whose side is Heath really on?

I’ve always loved the careful Whit and the crazy Wisty, however the cover of this book drove me crazy! One of my biggest pet peeves with books is having the real people faces plastered on the cover of the book and that is no exception with this one.  I feel like it ruins the imaginative process for the reader when a face of the main character has already stared at you leaving you no room to picture them for yourself! And the picture of Wisty on the front cover is totally NOT how I pictured her.

BUT, all in all if you enjoyed the characters of Whit and Wisty and don’t mind stretching your imagination to completely change their storyline, then go ahead read The Kiss.  It’s not a bad read.  But if you want to just remember the ending of their story the way it probably should have “ended”, you may be disappointed by this one….

Any thoughts on if you thought this series should have ended with the third book?  Are there any other series you think went past their prime?

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