A Rare 5/5 Review With the Amazing: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (#2)

ScarletMarissa MeyerYA FicitonRating: 5!!!

Marissa Meyer
YA Ficiton
Rating: 5!!!

I got Scartlet! I got Scarlet! After waiting for sooo long to get my hands on this book, it finally came in at the library…and then I read it a day and a half and it was over far too quickly. Scarlet was just so amazing that now I have to own it…and the whole series. So now I will be scouring thrift stores and adding it and Cinder to my birthday list until they are finally in my possession. If you haven’t read my raving review of the first title in the series, Cinder, yet check it out here.

As the title and cover suggest, Scarlet, is a revamped, futuristic take on Red Riding Hood, but this time Red, or Scarlet, means business and is definitely not a helpless little girl. Scarlet’s grandmother has gone missing for no apparent reason and the police refuse to help find her, so she must take the search into her own hands.  However, a suspicious, yet attractive, companion, who calls himself the Wolf continues to cross her path and seems to possess information she needs to locate her grandmother.  Why has her grandmother been taken? And can the Wolf be trusted?

Meanwhile, Cinder’s and Kai’s story are also being told throughout the book.  Cinder must attempt a risky prison break, which doesn’t go quite as expected and then live life on the run, all the while discovering her new Lunar powers, which are a bit scary. And then there’s poor Kai, running a country on the brink of war with Queen Levana, completely confused by his emotions (his feelings for Cinder, duty for the people of his country) but trying his best.

All of these plot lines are seamlessly interwoven together. They are all super interesting and when the story lines switch back and forth it isn’t jolting or confusing, it just…works. (Confession: sometimes I end up skipping character lines I don’t like :S )

However, the ending leaves you begging for more. I don’t even know how I am going to be able to wait until 2014 when the third title, Cress, is set to release.  That seems like forever from right now! And (ohmygosh I’m so excited about this!!) I read on Goodreads that Cress is supposed to be about Rapunzel and Cinder!!! Rapunzel! (I’m a little obsessed with Tangled at the moment) Who knows what magic Meyer can do with Rapunzel, but I am super excited! Then the fourth novel in the series, Winter, is set to release in 2015 which actually is forever from now, (I’ll practically be done with my master’s degree I haven’t started yet) but this one, again according to Goodreads, will feature Snow White and take place on the moon! And of course since I LOVE fairy tales I’m also a bit obsessed with the TV show Once Upon a Time at the moment, hence the Snow White enthusiasm.

If you like adventure, fantasy, good fairy tale spinoffs, light sci-fi, and a great fast paced read, then you should definitely go read this series! I still can’t stop thinking about it and really don’t want to start another book yet.  However, I must start Push by Sapphire for my bookclub on Tuesday….

Does anyone else know of amazing fairy tale spin-off books/series? I’m in the mood for more!

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